Subsidiaries & JVs

Turkish Technic Inc.

Turkish Technic was established in 2006 as a 100%-owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, and merged with Turkish Airlines HABOM Inc. in June 2015. With its employees and various affiliate companies, Turkish Technic is among the world's largest aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) centers in the air transport industry. After moving to Istanbul Airport in 2019, Turkish Technic opened the first maintenance hangars of the MRO complex in October 2020. The facility was designed to provide all maintenance, repair and overhaul services from a single point to many domestic and foreign airlines, especially Turkish Airlines, in June 2021. Turkish Technic’s facility is the first and only MRO providing base maintenance service at Istanbul Airport. In order to increase the number of foreign airlines it serves and its market share, Turkish Technic continues its activities in its hangars located at 5 different airports in Ankara, Aydın and Istanbul (Atatürk, Istanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airports).

Turkish Airlines Technology Inc.

THY Technology, wholly owned by Turkish Airlines, was established to provide end-to-end solutions and support for the technological demands of the aviation industry, primarily serving Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries.  The Company aims to export its technologies developed through intensive R&D efforts globally.

Turkish Flight Training and Airport Operations Inc.

Turkish Airlines Flight Academy (TAFA), a sub-brand of Turkish Airlines,  was established to train pilots and provide pilot training needed by Turkish Airlines and other airlines. Since 2013, the Academy has conducted its training programs at facilities located at Aydın Çıldır Airport and by the end of 2022, it has commenced flight operations at Efes Airport as well.

AJET Air Transportation Inc.

Established on August 7, 2023, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, AJET Air Transportation Inc. aims to maintain the AnadoluJet brand’s operations as a low-cost airline meeting global standards and to enhance  its competitive edge in the market. Operations under the AJET brand are scheduled to commence in the summer of 2024, based out at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Ankara Esenboğa Airports.

Turkish Airlines International Investment and Transport Inc.

The Company, which is wholly owned by the Incorporation, was established on 25 September 2018 in order to invest at abroad and domestically, principally in the fields of cargo and courier transportation and in the fields that is specified in the Articles of Association of the Company. The Company represents Turkish Airlines group as a 45% partner of We World Express, which was established in 2019.

THY Air Cargo Transport Inc.

The company was established in March 2021, as a 100% subsidiary of Turkish Airlines,  and started its operations at the end of 2023 under the Widect brand to provide door-to-door logistics solutions worldwide.

THY Support Services Inc.

The Company was established on 6 March 2023 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines in order to meet the support service needs of our Incorporation's and subsidiaries' out of core business activities, including but not limited to cleaning, safety, facility management, financial affairs, flight and ground handling services, and operational and organizational services.

THY Financial Technologies Inc.

The Company was established on 18 August 2023, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, aiming to leverage the Incorporation’s extensive experience, strong brand, and financial reliability to create a profitable business model in the field of payment systems for our Incorporation, Türkiye, and all stakeholders within the travel ecosystem. It is focused on offering a digital wallet for individual customers and a payment collection infrastructure for commercial customers.

Turkish Cabin Interior Systems Inc.

TSI Aviation Seats Inc. (“TSI”) and Cornea Aviation Systems Industry and Commerce Inc. (“Cornea”), which were established for the design, production, marketing and sale of cabin interior products, merged with and into the Turkish Cabin Interior Systems Inc. ("TCI") on 15.02.2023. The company has been established with the stakes of 59.25% Turkish Airlines, 20.84% Turkish Technic, 17% TUSAŞ and 2.91% Havelsan.

Turkish Fuel Services Inc.

The Company was established through an equal partnership among Turkish Airlines, Zirve Holding, Taya Gayrimenkul and Demirören Akaryakıt companies in order to provide services in the fields of transportation, storage and supply of fuel needed by aircraft.

SunExpress Aviation Inc.

SunExpress, which was established in 1989 in Antalya with a 50%-50% partnership of Turkish Airlines & Lufthansa, continues its tourism transportation activities as the market leader in flights between Türkiye and Central Europe. SunExpress operated its first flight in 1990, served in the charter market for many years and became the first private airline in Türkiye to operate scheduled international flights between Antalya and Frankfurt that is launched in 2001. SunExpress, which has been serving with a double hub model with Antalya and İzmir, is the airline that connects these two cities to the most destinations with direct and scheduled flights both on domestic and international lines.

Turkish Opet Aviation Fuels Inc.

Turkish Opet Aviation Fuels, established in 28 September 2009, engages in the domestic and international sale, importation, exportation, distribution, and transport of various petroleum products, chemicals, lubricants, and paints for all kinds of aircraft. The Company commenced operations on 1 July 2010. Kuzey Tankercilik A.Ş. and Güney Tankercilik A.Ş., were established on 1 November 2012, as wholly owned subsidiaries of THY Opet Havacılık Yakıtları A.Ş. in order to provide transportation of petroleum and petroleum products. Turkish OPET provides “into plane” services with its experienced staff at Istanbul Airport also provides storage and aircraft fuel supply services at Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Turkish Ground Services Inc.

The Company was established in 26 August 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, in order to provide ground-handling services. By signing the articles of association in the framework of the Board Decision dated on 12 March 2009, 50% of shares was transferred to HAVAŞ Havaalanları Yer Hizmetleri A.Ş. On 1 January 2010, the Company began to provide services to Turkish Airlines. TGS has delivered services to more than 200 airlines, Turkish Airlines and SunExpress in particular.

Turkish Do&Co Catering Services Inc.

Founded in September 2006, commencing operations in 1 January 2007, Turkish DO&CO is a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and DO&CO Restaurants & Catering AG (Austria based company), in which each holds a 50% stake. The Company provides inflight catering services to Turkish Airlines and other domestic and international airlines.

Pratt&Whitney Turkish Engine Center Co. Ltd.

Turkish Engine Center delivers engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services to customers located in Türkiye and neighboring regions. It was founded in 2008 as a 49%-51% partnership between Turkish Technic Inc. and Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of United Technologies. Established over a 25 thousand m² area at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Turkish Engine Center’s advanced technology and eco-friendly facility has the capability to provide maintenance to around 200 aircraft engines per year at full capacity.

We World Express Limited

We World Express Limited is a Hong Kong headquartered joint venture company founded in January 2019. Commencing operations in April 2019, the world cargo/courier company provides door-to-door logistics services with a focus on the global e-commerce market. Turkish Airlines International Investment and Transport, a 100%- owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, holds a 45% stake, Hong Kong headquartered ZTO Express (Hong Kong) Limited owns a 45% stake and Hong Kong headquartered PAL Air Limited has a 10% stake in the company.

Goodrich Turkish Technic Service Center Co. Ltd.

Established in 2010, the Goodrich Turkish Technic Service Center Co. Ltd. is a joint venture with 40%-60% stakes of Turkish Technic and Collins Aerospace. It provides maintenance and repair services regarding aircraft engine nacelles and thrust reverser systems to domestic and international airline companies, especially Turkish Airlines. The Company operates under the brand of "Turkish Nacelle Center" since 2019.

Air Albania SHPK

The Incorporation established a Republic of Albanian based Joint Venture Company, in order to operate in the field of passenger and cargo transportation. Established on 12 September 2018, the stakes of 49%, 41% and 10% is being held respectively by Turkish Airlines, MDN Investment SHPK, and Albcontrol, which manages Albanian airspace and air traffic, representing Government of Albania.

THY Private Security and Protection Services Inc.

The Company was established on May 12, 2023, as a wholly owned subsidiaries of Turkish Support Services Inc. in order to provide private security and protection services to the Incorporation, its subsidiaries and other entities.

TSI Seats Inc.

TSI Seats INC was established on 17 June 2014 in order to design, manufacture, modify and merchandise aircraft seats and spare parts in Utah. On April 2021, the facilities in Utah moved to Seattle where the production facilities of Boeing are located. TSI is an aircraft seat manufacturer which produces aircraft seats with the authorizations of EASA and FAA. In 2023, TCI has merged TSI Seats INC and the company has started to continue its operations under TCI.