Shareholding Structure

The paid-in share capital of the Incorporation consists of 137,999,999,999 Group A shares and 1 Group C share, each with the nominal value of 1 Kurus.

Voting rights of our shareholders are as follows:

Shareholder Amount of Nominal Shares (TL) Ownership
Amount of Shares
Rate of Voting Right (%)
Türkiye Wealth Fund (Group A) 677,884,849 49.12 67,788,484,857 49.12
The Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Treasury and Finance Privatization Administration (Group C) 0.01  <0.01 1 <0.01 
Open for Public (Group A) 702,115,151 50.88 70,211,515,142    50.88 
TOTAL 1,380,000,000 100.00 138,000,000,000 100.00


  • Incorporation’s authorised capital ceiling is registered as 5 billion TL for 2020-2024 period.
  • Privileges of Group C shares are stated in the Articles 7, 10 and  21 of the Articles of Association of the Incorporation.
  • According to the Article 10 of the Articles of Association of the Incorporation; the shareholders holding the Group A shares open to public will have the right to nominate two of the 8 members granted to Group A shares. In order to be able nominate candidates for the Board of Directors by the shareholders holding Group A shares open for public, they are required to be represented at the rate of minimum 2 % of the total issued share capital of the Incorporation during the Shareholders Assembly in which the members of the Board of Directors will be elected. Calculation of the aforementioned rate of 2% will be based only on the Group A shares open for public.