30.12.2013 - Public Disclosures

According to the non-consolidated 2014 budget that was approved by the Board of Directors, the guidance regarding the Incorporation’s targets and expectations for the year 2014 is as follows:

Fleet / Network Development

By the end of 2014 the fleet size is planned to reach to 267, including 204 narrow-body, 54 wide-body and 9 cargo aircraft. With 16 new route additions, destinations served will reach 259.

Traffic Development

Total number of passengers carried is targeted to reach to 59.5 million including 26.2 million on schedules domestic routes, 32.3 million on scheduled international routes, and the rest on charter and hajj flights.

While passenger load factor is expected to be 78.8%, total Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) will reach to 141 billion with an increase of 21% compared 2013. Capacity (ASK) increase is expected to be 33% in Turkey, 29% in South America region,  25% in Africa region,  22% in Far East region,  20% in North America region, 16% in Europe region and 13% in Middle East region.

In 2014, cargo/mail carried will increase by 23% reaching 653 thousand tones.

Financial Development

Compared to 2013, 2% decrease (in TL terms) in passenger yields on domestic routes, 1% increase (in EUR terms) in passenger yields on international routes and  2%  increase (in USD terms) in ex-fuel unit costs is expected.

In 2014, the Incorporation’s total number of personnel is expected to increase 18% along with 23% increase in fuel consumption and 2% increase in utilization levels compared to 2013.

As a result of the planned commercial activities, the Incorporation is targeting  to increase its sales revenue by 17% reaching 11.4 Billion USD.