25.02.2015 - Public Disclosures

The presentation from the press conference held this morning by our Chairman Hamdi Topçu on 2014 financial results is available on our investor relations website. Some important minutes from the conference are provided below:

- There is a plan for 7 additional aircraft to enter the fleet in 2015 and the leasing of these aircraft are at the agreement stage. With the addition of these aircraft the 2015 year-end fleet will reach 300 and our traffic and financial guidance will be revised accordingly.

- Together with our subsidiaries 3,7 billion USD capital expenditure is planned for 2015. Out of this amount 3,1 billion USD is the CAPEX plan for Turkish Airlines including the aircraft purchases.

- Due to poor weather conditions on the dates between 17  and 20 February 2015, 1.195 narrow body, 73 wide-body flight operations were cancelled and 56 flights were diverted. Total of 90.000 passengers were catered on the ground and 8.000 passengers were provided accomodation. The total cost of the mentioned flight interruptions for our Incorporation was calculated to be around 26 million Euros.

- Our Incorporation has the talent to include any type of aircraft to its fleet and there are ongoing negotiations for all types of aircraft. As of today, there is no Board decision regarding the purchase or lease of an A380 aircraft. Turkish Airlines will not be operating an A380 aircraft  in 2015. 

- Capital markets is considered as a financing option for the sake of diversification. Related preparations have been completed and the transaction could take place in the first half of 2015 should there be favorable financial conditions.