19.12.2013 - Public Disclosures

As a result of the negotiations made today with our Incorporation and Hava-Is Union,  24th Collective Bargaining Agreement has been signed for a 3 year period starting from 2013 and consequently, the ongoing strike has also come to and end.

According to the 24th Collective Bargaining Agreement, the wage increase ratios that have been disclosed previously on 22.05.2013, for the first two years, have been preserved. The wage increase for 2015 will be 3% for the first half and another 3% for the second half. In case of an inflation difference for the relevant periods,  the difference will be paid.

Apart from the 24th Collective Bargaining Agreement, due to a signed protocol, a onetime gross payment of 5.500.-TL will be made to the unionized staff working at THY A.O as of 19.12.2013. Aforementioned payment will be calculated proportionate to the number of days worked between 01.01.2013 and 31.12.2013 and will be made on 08.01.2014