15.12.2023 - Our Incorporation's Aircraft Orders as Part of Its 2023-2033 Strategic Plan

Ref: Our Public Disclosures Dated 13.04.2023, 12.05.2023, 01.09.2023 and 13.11.2023

Our Incorporation is continuing negotiations with aircraft and engine manufacturers as part of the growth targets set forth in the Strategic Plan covering between 2023-2033 period. In this context, our Board of Directors decided to place: 

•  60 firm and 20 purchase right orders for A350-900 aircraft (including 10 A350-900 aircraft stated in our public disclosure dated 01.09.2023), 

•  15 firm orders for A350-1000 aircraft, 

•  5 firm and 5 purchase right orders for A350F cargo aircraft and  

•  150 firm and 100 purchase right orders for A321 NEO aircraft

from Airbus and procure engine maintenance services and spare engines for the A350 aircraft from Rolls-Royce.

Respectfully announced to the public.