10.10.2014 - Public Disclosures

Due to changes in the  fleet plan and changes in TK, Ajet capacity management,  the traffic figures of our official 2014 guidance which have been announced on 30.12.2013 have been revised as follows:
By the end of 2014 the fleet size is planned to reach 262, including 199 narrow-body, 55 wide-body and 8 cargo aircraft. Paralel to this, total Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) is expected to reach 136 billion with an increase of 17% compared 2013 and load factor is expected to be 79.1%.
Total number of passengers carried is targeted to reach to 55.6 million including 23.2 million on scheduled domestic routes, 31.4 million on scheduled international routes, and the rest on charter and hajj flights.
On the account that the change in the traffic  guidance  arises mostly from changes in Ajet (domestic) capacity plan, total sales revenue and profitability targets remain unchanged.