09.08.2018 - Public Disclosures

The revised guidance that has been approved by the Board of Directors of our Incorporation regarding the targets and expectations for the year 2018 is as follows:

Traffic Development

• Total number of passengers carried is targeted to reach 75 million, including 33 million on domestic routes, 42 million on international routes.

• While passenger load factor is expected to be around 81%, total Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) will be between 5% and 6% compared to 2017.

• In 2018, cargo/mail carried is expected to increase by 21% reaching 1.3 million tonnes.

 Financial Development (Unconsolidated)

 • In 2018, jet fuel consumption is expected to increase by 9%.

 • Average jet fuel (including fuel hedge) is expected to be around 700$/ton in 2018.

 • The Incorporation is targeting to generate 12.5 billion USD of sales revenue.

 • Cost per available seat kilometer (CASK), excluding fuel is expected to increase by between 3%-5%.

 • Unconsolidated EBITDAR margn is targeted to be around 23%, whereas consolidated EBITDAR margn is targeted to be around 25%.