09.07.2021 - Wage Adjustment

Ref: Public Disclosure dated 01.09.2020
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had a negative impact on the aviation industry, ‘A Protocol of the Adaptation of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic Conditions' signed between the authorized union Turkey Civil Aviation Union and our Incorporation on 31.08.2020 was implemented to the 26th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is in effect through our Incorporation. According to this protocol, as applied in every 6-month period, wages on 30.06.2021 should be increased at the rate of inflation difference as effective from 01.07.2021.
Our Board of Directors made an assessment taking into account the sacrifices made by our employees during the pandemic, the steps towards loosening pandemic restrictions in all countries, and the cautious optimism of the widespread vaccination practices developed against Covid-19.
According to this,
As of 01.07.2021, it has been decided to increase the wages of domestic personnel and foreign personnel working on the reopened international routes, with a minimum wage increase of 10% on top of the inflation difference.
Respectfully announced to the public.