09.06.2017 - Public Disclosures

The Incorporation has decided to appoint;
Independent Board Members Mr. Mehmet Muzaffer Akpınar as the Committee Chairman and Mr. Ogün Şanlıer as the member of the Audit Committee;
Independent Board Member Ms. Arzu Akalın as the Committee Chairman, Board Members Mr. İsmail Gerçek and Mr. Orhan Birdal and Investor Relations Manager Mr. Kadir Coşkun, in compliance with the Capital Market Board's Communique on Corporate Governance (II-17.1), as the members of the Corporate Governance Committee;
Independent Board Members Mr. Ogün Şanlıer as the Committee Chairman and Mr. Mehmet Muzaffer Akpınar, as the member of the Early Identification of Risks Committee;
Chairman of the Board Mr. Mehmet İlker Aycı as the Chairman of the Executive Comittee, Deputy Chairman of the Board and General Manager Mr. Bilal Ekşi as the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee and Board Member Mr. İsmail Cenk Dilberoğlu as the Member of the Executive Committee.