05.09.2013 - Public Disclosures

Turkish Competition Authority (Rekabet Kurumu) has placed Turkish Airlines Inc. under investigation to determine whether a violation of the 6th  Article of “Law Related to the Protection of the Competition” (which number is 4054) on its passenger air transportation market on the domestic/international routes ex Istanbul.

At the end of the mentioned investigation, Turkish Competition Authority has concluded (with its decision dated 30.12.2011 and which number is 10-49/923-M) that Turkish Airlines have not effectuated any violation in the framework of the Law which number is 4054.

The complainant has filed an action to the 11th Administrative Court in Ankara against the mentioned decision of the Turkish Competition Authority and the Court has canceled the mentioned decision (with its decision dated 11.07.2013 and which number is 2012/1727 E.) on the ground that the dominant position of Turkish Airlines Inc. and the fact that Istanbul Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports can be used as substitutes must be investigated and the price policies of the complainant must be analysed.

Turkish Competition Authority has renewed the investigation to act in accordance with the decision of the Administrative Court.

Furthermore, the cassation of the decision of the Administrative Court by the Turkish Competition Authority is possible.

The Public opinion will be informed on the succeeding developments.