01.03.2022 - Related Party Transactions

The conclusion section of the "Common and Continuous Related Party Transactions Report" prepared by the Board of Directors as per Article 10 of the Capital Markets Board's Communique No.II-17.1 on Corporate Governance is provided below for the information of our shareholders. 
Conclusion Section of the Report on Related Party Transactions: 
Due to the fact that the rate of the amount of common and continuous fuel supply / purchasing transactions executed between Turkish Airlines and TFS Akaryakıt Hizmetleri A.Ş. exceeded 10%, compared to the cost of sales in 2021 financial statements disclosed to public; and that it is also foreseen that transactions with similar features will continue in 2022, in accordance with the determined principles. These transactions mentioned in the aforementioned report are considered to be made consistent with the transactions of previous years and at-arm's length when compared with market conditions.