22.07.2014 - Public Disclosures

There are some unfair and unrealistic news in the media about our Incorporation. 

All the events and comments made in the aforementioned news certainly do not reflect the truth. All the strategic decions of Turkish Airlines, including inauguration of new routes, are made overseeing the benefits of the Company. Turkish Airlines does not have a cash deficit  nor a working capital need. Moreover the Company has no financial debt except for those related to aircraft financing, which is all long term with one of the lowest financing costs in the market.  Turkish Airlines’ 2014 operations and financial position is in line with its’ budget and is expected to achieve its targeted profitability, as in the last 10 years. 

Within the scope of Capital Markets Legislation, providing deceiving, false or misleading information, news and comments, or publishing these with an aim to influence the value or price of capital market instruments or investors' decision is considered as Market Manupulation. In this context, all corporations and institutions have to show sensitivity to publish correct news and avoid any information, news, comments or evaluations that has not been approved by the Incorporation.  Those who act against will be under legal and criminal liability.