Environmental Policy

The Senior Management of Turkish Airlines hereby declares its Environmental Policy covering the design and presentation of the scheduled and unscheduled passenger and cargo commercial air transportation services in domestic lines, the in-flight services in international lines, and the training services in order to bring its employees, customers, suppliers, affiliates, and all its business partners and shareholders together around a common goal for its future, in line with duties and common values of the Company by considering the national and international laws and regulations as well as the commercial ethics, by focusing on total quality.

Abiding by the Rules

It complies with the aviation regulations along with the national legal requirements, and the other national/international requirements on the environmental issues that it is liable to comply with. It aims to extend beyond compliance with laws by the environmental projects it supports. 

Managing the Environmental Aspects

It determines the environmental aspects of all its activities, products, and services, detects the environmental impacts, and develops action plans to decrease such impacts. It applies an improvement-oriented management system and methods to keep significant environmental aspects under control.

Minimizing Adverse Environmental Impacts

It gives top priority to protection of environment while carrying out all its activities, products and services. It supports the fuel efficiency initiatives and takes measures to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions to decrease and eliminate the factors that may worsen the climate change.

It takes measures against noise pollution and wastes. It minimizes wastes by giving priority and support to the use and recovery of recyclable materials within the waste management process. 

Considering People and the Environment while Growing

It considers the life cycle approach while planning new investments in relation to its operation area, expanding its fleet, and upgrading its technological infrastructure.

Bequeathing a Habitable World for Future Generations

It uses the natural resources effectively and efficiently as per the sustainability principle by considering the future generations that are its common assurance with its stakeholders; and places importance on biological diversity.

Developing along with Stakeholders

It works to increase the environmental awareness of its own employees, and encourages their participations. It shares and spreads good environmental practices by making contact with all its stakeholders. It supports the sustainable products and services throughout the life cycle.

Improving Consistently

It measures, monitors, reviews and continuously improves its environmental performance on a regular basis as per its environmental objectives. It ensures participation of stakeholders and all levels of the organization for the improvement of its environmental performance. It shares the information on its environmental performance with its stakeholders. It reviews, updates, and shares its Environmental Policy with the relevant parties periodically.